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Welcome ! and thank you for visiting  our home on the web. Divine Power is the 3rd sector of The MA.EN Kingdom and is symbolized by logos of;

1. The Golden Lion of MA.EN PLC : The income sector, which is comprised of 1. MA.EN Financial Services:offering services in Book Keeping, Payrolls and Taxes.  2. MA.EN Publishing Services: Offering services in Printing, Publishing (Websites) & Marketing. 3. MA.EN X-Press Services: Offering Services in Courier, Trucking, Shipping and Online Shopping/Food Purchases

2. The Red Dragon of Sxm Taokido Club : An Internal Martial Arts Program that is geared towards, self preservation by means of self defense and healing techniques by use of one's internal energy/life force in collaboration with a credible combination of the most effective/efficient techniques acquired from various forms.

3. The White Dove of Divine Power: A spiritual Program established in three basic sectors....1. Divine Power Ministries: offers seminars in Bible Studies in collaboration with Prayers for Deliverance, Healing and Anointing. 2. Divine Power Inspirations offers Motivational Speeches, Seminars and Inspirational Books which can be purchased online. 3. Divine Power Quartet offers entertainment in Accapella "and" Musical Entertainment for Spiritual, Matrimonial, Social, Misc Functions & Occasions, also with online purchases available

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