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Divine Power Ministries is by no means a church nor religious body seeking to add members to any organization, instead we are a compilation of a group of people who come from different beliefs systems and churches, who realize that the truth is absolute and will not conform to anyone's beliefs as it will remain the truth. We therefore believe it is imperative to keep an open mind to learn and unlearn new concepts as we move along the way.

Our Bible Study Classes are conducted with an open mind, utterly respecting the opinions and views of each other and others. We don't believe that mankind is obligated to perceive or comprehend life from the same perspective as we are all not only different, but may be at different stages of our spiritual journey at given moments. We do believe however that as there is one truth, once what we profess is done with a pure heart, we will all eventually come to the same destination at the end of our spiritual journey.

In the meantime, if you don't believe in a supreme deity nor Bible and you've nothing to lose and wish to experience a miracle for deliverance, healing or anointing by means prayer with genuine intention, feel free to subscribe (on the right) by filling in our online request form. If you are open to learn or discover the depths of the disputed word of, you are welcome to join our Bible Classes (select from form on the right) or simply join in and post your concerns on our blog page.

Much Thanks for your visit, may you enjoy.

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